Breaking down The Bird’s Nest: U of L’s New Student Marketing Agency Wednesday, Sep 21 2022 

By Tate Luckey

Last week, the University of Louisville announced the launch of The Bird’s Nest, a student-led marketing agency under the direction of Dr. Karen Freberg. She and four student directors- Sydney Baker, Hailee Andrews, Zaire Robinson, and Jacey Wells- are gearing up to offer a variety of services to the general public, including brand strategy, event consultation and logo design.

“Creating a student agency has been a dream of mine ever since I came to U of L back in 2011. Things started coming together when Joey Wagner, Al Futrell, and I met in 2019 to discuss the next steps. At the time, Neeli Bendapudi gave us the green light – and she helped us get connected to Kansas where she helped them start their own student agency,” Freberg said.

Since then, support from both College of Arts and Sciences Dean David Owen and Interim President Lori Gonzalez has helped pave the way for this unique opportunity for the University of Louisville community.

How It Works

Sophomore Jacey Wells, director of outreach, told The Louisville Cardinal staff Freberg will train, teach, and certify the current directors so they are prepared for the spring.

There is a suggested curriculum and courses for students to take if they want to pursue certain areas in the agency, like social media in the Department of Communication. That is now a Strategic Communications and Social Media Minor.

The Bird’s Nest differs from other student agencies at other schools that limit the opportunity to join to just a specific college or program. 

“We are unique in building a modern-day approach for the agency to foster the new wave of talent for the strategic communication industry,” Freberg said. “Our teams and roles are aligned with the industry, but the organizational structure is different where we have directors of shell teams. All aspects of the agency have been implemented and are led by students.” 

For example, Wells and her team are comprised of ambassadors, influencers, event coordinators, and advisors who facilitate communication and planning regarding outside sources’ needs for client work.

Helping Prepare Tomorrow’s Consultants

There will be an application process for both internal and external clients, providing students the ability to determine the timing, resources, and budget for the project. The goal of the services is to not only pay students for their work, but also raise funds for scholarships, renovation of the new space, conference trips, professional development, and certifications.

“I think it’ll benefit Louisville students a lot. When people are starting college and don’t have any idea what to pursue, this could be a good way to gain hands-on experience,” Wells said. “I hope that we can help college students more become well-rounded students. When they graduate and enter the career field they’ll just have so much more applicable skills and knowledge.”

Businesses and brands from Louisville and across the country comprise the student agency’s board of advisors, including Churchill Downs, Starbucks, Brown-Forman, adidas, and U of L Athletics. Currently, a director of research and director of people role is still available. 

If students are interested in applying for other positions, there are applications on You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

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Interim President Lori Gonzalez appoints new vice provost for faculty affairs Thursday, Jan 27 2022 

By Anna Williams —

Interim President Lori Gonzalez continues to exercise her powers as president with the appointment of Dr. Cherie Dawson-Edwards as vice president for faculty affairs.

Dawson-Edwards currently serves as the U of L associate dean for diversity, engagement, culture and climate. She is also an associate professor in the Criminal Justice department in the College of Arts & Sciences. For her experience and contributions to the university, she received the 2016 University of Louisville College of Arts & Sciences Community Service Award.

“We are confident that her work will touch every part of our university to ensure our faculty known that they are supported,” Gonzalez said of Dawson-Edwards in a statement to the U of L community. “Throughout her career, she has worked tirelessly for institutional and community change, always striving to bring greater equity and inclusion to the policies and practices of organizations.”

Additionally, Dawson-Edwards has served as the department chair for the Arts & Sciences Criminal Justice department, director of the Arts & Sciences Social Change Program and acting director of the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research.

Dawson-Edwards is engaged outside of the university as well, serving as the Kentucky affiliate representative on the national board of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). She was also recently appointed as the nationwide ACLU deputy affiliate equity office. Part of her duties in these positions include ensuring equity and inclusion are constantly pursued in the search and placement of organizational leaders.

Dawson-Edwards’ service in the provost office will begin Feb. 1, 2022.

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U of L searches for new College of A&S Dean Monday, Nov 2 2020 

By Madelin Shelton — 

The University of Louisville has selected five finalists out of a pool of 30 applicants to interview for the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) position.

The candidates will be visiting campus on various dates to interact with College of A&S stakeholders.

Four candidates will have hybrid in-person/virtual visits, while one candidate has opted for an entirely virtual visit.

The candidates’ information will be made public on the A&S Dean Search Website one week prior to their visit. The first candidate, Georita Frierson, visited campus Oct. 29-30. Candidate two will visit Nov. 5-6.

The second candidate, Interim College of Arts & Sciences  Dean David Owen, will interact with A&S stakeholders on Nov. 5-6.

Candidates three, four and five will visit on Nov. 17-18, Nov. 19-20 and Nov. 23-24, respectively.

More information about the search can be found here.

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U of L in the midst of a hiring freeze during COVID-19 crisis Friday, Mar 20 2020 

By Matthew Keck —

Amid all of the craziness surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the University of Louisville has placed a faculty hiring freeze in place.

U of L spokesman John Karman confirmed this. “All hiring is paused except for special circumstances,” he said.

This hiring freeze was set in place for two reasons: The economic impact felt from the COVID-19 crisis and U of L is expecting enrollment in the fall to go down. Arts & Sciences Dean David Owen said that they will be preparing and planning for the consequences of both possibilities.

Any prospect where letters of offer have been sent will not be affected by this freeze. The freeze applies to term lines, including new ones, along with on-going lines that are being vacated or filled.

In addition, all hiring of staff will be suspended immediately and is subject to the review of Dean Owen. “I know that we are already running below necessary staffing levels, but I will have to balance the desperate need for adequate staffing with the increasingly dire budget forecasts,” he said in an email.

There is no set timeline for how long this hiring freeze will be in place.

“How long this is in effect depends on how long the pandemic affects us and what the budgetary impact ends up being,” said Dean Owen.

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Interim dean for Arts & Sciences College announced Saturday, Dec 14 2019 

Matthew Keck —

David Owen, Chair of Philosophy, was named interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Dec. 13. This comes after Dean Kimberly Kempf-Leonard announced she would be stepping down at the end of this month.

“I am very grateful that David has agreed to take on this large responsibility on short notice and to work with Neeli [Bendapudi] and me to make this a great place to learn, work, and invest,” said provost Beth Boehm. “I am also grateful to the many faculty and staff members of the College who have written me, spoken with me, or attended one of the meetings I held last week to discuss the interim position.”

The search for a new A&S dean has been ongoing since August. Boehm met with faculty and staff then to hear their thoughts about what they wanted in the new dean.

“I am also grateful to the many faculty and staff members of the College who have written me, spoken with me, or attended one of the meetings I held last week to discuss the interim position,” said Boehm.

Owen is the  chair of the Philosophy Department and will serve as the interim A&S dean through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. “I am confident that David is that best choice and that he will be a strong leader for the interim.  I know that the associate deans and dean’s staff will help David in his transition,” said Boehm.

Boehm also thanked Kempf-Leonard for her five years of service and her help with transitioning Owen into the interim position.

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“Raise some L” raised some money Thursday, Nov 14 2019 

By Maggie Vancampen — 

The University of Louisville’s annual “Raise some L” fundraiser garnered almost a million dollars in donations Oct. 22. The results were announced Nov. 6.

With 2,986 total gifts and commitments, the official amount raised is $920,160. The top three groups that contributed are the RaiseRed Dance Marathon with $2,500, James Graham Brown Cancer Center with $1,000 and the College of Arts & Sciences with $500. The fundraiser used the hashtag #RaiseSomeL to help spread awareness.

President Neeli Bendapudi said, “We raised nearly three times as much as last year. In 1,798 minutes, we raised nearly one million dollars from over 2,000 donors. This shows a sense of pride about the university and that our support is increasing and that much is a good sign.”

Dean of the School of Medicine Dr. Toni Ganzel committed a total of $10,000 once 75 gifts were committed to the fundraiser. Additionally, Dean of the School of Music Teresa Reed made a personal donation of $5,000 after 50 gifts were recruited to the School of Music.

Speed School of Engineering dean Emmanuel Collins is set to give $10,000 to the area of his choosing once notified the Speed School received 75 gifts by the end of the fundraiser.

The 369 ambassadors raised 624 gifts with an average amount of $80. The top three ambassadors this year will choose which part will receive additional funding. They are Leslie Friesen, Lora Haynes and Brian Buford.

Photo by Anthony Riley / The Louisville Cardinal

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