Louisville Zoo Sloth Experience Dates Thursday, Aug 11 2022 

The Louisville Zoo will open new 2023 sloth behind-the-scenes experience dates from March to August 2023. Get up close and personal with the sloths at the Louisville Zoo in 2023. This event will sell out so make sure you move a little faster than our Sloth friends to get your tickets.    Tickets went on sale for the 2023 dates [...]

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Review: Adventure ‘World of Hurt’ LP Friday, Aug 7 2020 

Adventure has been a mainstay in Louisville for 2 decades, released 6 full length albums, appeared on countless Louisville Is For Lovers compilations and singles, and has collaborated with local artists including The Cut Family Foundation.

Adventure has put more time in the Louisville scene than most, but has long since been seen as a group with the precarious, yet somewhat coveted, label of a Band's Band; highly regarded by other artists, yet not well known to wider audiences.

I was introduced to Adventure in the mid 2000s by a woman I had a crush on, but she had a crush on someone in Adventure. By the rules of love I had every right to dismiss the band for selfish reasons, but I instead became an instant fan. My jilted heart was no match for their brand of infectious ramble and jangle alt-country roots pop. They sounded as if The Jayhawks and The Replacements got married and moved from Minneapolis to a city equally as fucked up, and I was instantly smitten.

The new album, World of Hurt, still carries the Jayhawk/Replacements jingle jangle, with slightly more worldliness; Kidz In Cagez tackles our current political minefield wrapped in a Sweet/Brian Eno glitter coat. The classic Adventure take on love is still present too; Breaking Up Is Loud! and Better Him Than Me are just as likely to cheer you up after a break up as they are to sadly remind you of those tender times now gone for good.

The album opener, Shoulda Drank, is the perfect late summer jammer we have been missing this year and shows the full tallent Adventure has to offer: musical skills, emotional insight, humor, wit, and ass shaking beats & hooks. Fang and Just Another Place I Can't Go are prime garage rock specimens with just the right amount of southern twang. If previous Adventure releases could gain the affections of Louisville's musicians, World of Hurt could easily be the album to woo everyone else.

World of Hurt is available on Spotify now here and CDs at Guestroom, Better Days, & Underground Sounds on Aug 17th.

Memories make the best gifts: give your family adventures instead of items Friday, Jan 24 2020 

By Madelynn Bland —

Spring semester is in full swing and students are returning to campus with their new gifts and gadgets they acquired over winter break. Any holiday, whether Mother’s Day, a birthday or other personal celebrations, is associated with materialistic gifts.

Although the idea of having all of these items is enjoyable, there are other ways to spend the same amount of money while making memories and bringing happiness that doesn’t run out of battery. 

While material possessions have a huge upside, they’re typically not with us for the long haul. 

The things that you received last birthday may already be stored away and never thought of again until replaced by new gifts that offer the same temporary enjoyment as their predecessors.

Most people argue that the best part of any holiday isn’t even about the gift giving, but the memories and time spent with family. The same people then turn around and fall into the societal trap of materialistic gift giving, unaware that the best gifts of all are not for sale. 

Our memories with friends and family are some of our most prized possessions and are gifts we can enjoy for the rest of our lives. 

For example, go trek up Pike’s Peak to explore the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, venture around the French Quarter in New Orleans surrounded by the beauty of nature and the world or sit in the same spot as famous people and revel in the experience. 

“The expectation and demonstration of gift giving was a huge part of the holidays for me growing up. I find now that spending the same amount of money on even a meal together, or a couple of hours together makes for a different kind of gift experience,” said University of Louisville philosophy professor Brian Barnes. “Sometimes it’s great to give that gift that represents something to a loved one, but so often the care that I have for them is the function of time we spend together.”

While new technology or fancy clothes may be fun, the best gifts of all are memories that are made with loved ones. See a movie, venture to a place in your city that you’ve always wanted to visit or do anything as long as it is done surrounded by family and/or friends. The amount of time spent together will be worth way more in the long run than the items on a wish list.

After all, there is no price value on the laughs and memories made with the people you care about.

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal

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5/25: River City Rumble Vol. 2 Release Show Tuesday, May 14 2019 

Gubbey Records and  Rockerbuilt Studios will be releasing a compilation album called River City Rumble Vol. 2 on May 25th, including work by The Excuses, The Delighters, Adventure, Sound Company, Birdtrooper, Asm A Tik, WAXEATER and Cubic Centimeter.

 The release will be accompanied with a live showcase at the Open Music Flea Market (2012 Northwestern Parkway) with performances by Twin Sister Radio, GRAFFITI, Wiirmz, Ron, and others.