Elizabethtown Police integrating ‘Flock’ cameras to help solve crimes Tuesday, Sep 13 2022 

Lowe's donated $5,000 to the department to go toward funding the upgraded surveillance system.


Louisville business hopes a ‘carbon neutral’ soccer tournament will further the climate conversation Tuesday, Aug 16 2022 

Sport Impact Group announced Tuesday that this year's Women's Cup in Louisville will carbon-neutral, but what does that mean?


‘We feel like we’re part of the 21st century now’; LaRue County native is working to bring internet to rural Kentucky Friday, Aug 12 2022 

Cameron Lasley, founder of Telecast Communications, uses grain and water towers as access points to give about 300 people high speed internet. He's planning on more.


‘We must invest in our future’: Kentucky program awards small, technology-based businesses Friday, Jun 17 2022 

Gov. Andy Beshear said innovative companies are growing at an impressive rate in Kentucky.


Kentucky court delves into use of cell phones for tracking by police Thursday, Jun 16 2022 

The Kentucky's Supreme Court has issued a sharply divided ruling against the warrantless use of cellphones as tracking devices by police.


Kentucky officials work to introduce app to help school, student safety Friday, Jun 3 2022 

The app, which hasn't been developed yet, would provide real-time crisis intervention for students, educators or their family members.


‘It means the world to me’; Tennessee woman brings together LGBTQ+ friendly community through video games Saturday, May 28 2022 

Alice, aka "FoxQueen," shares how her love for video games and streaming has helped create a welcoming community online.


3 Kentucky communities get funding to assess potential brownfields Thursday, May 19 2022 

Brownfields are industrial and commercial properties that may contain hazardous substances.


Meet Reggie: One Louisville high school’s newest four-legged robot mascot Wednesday, Apr 13 2022 

Central is one of only two schools in the country to get a Spotbot 3, a robotic dog that can sit, stay, run and even make a 3-D map of an entire building.


Pete Davidson blasting off to space aboard Blue Origin rocket Monday, Mar 14 2022 

The 'Saturday Night Live' star will fly to the edge of space later this month on a rocket from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company.


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