‘It means the world to me’; Tennessee woman brings together LGBTQ+ friendly community through video games Saturday, May 28 2022 

Alice, aka "FoxQueen," shares how her love for video games and streaming has helped create a welcoming community online.


3 Kentucky communities get funding to assess potential brownfields Thursday, May 19 2022 

Brownfields are industrial and commercial properties that may contain hazardous substances.


Meet Reggie: One Louisville high school’s newest four-legged robot mascot Wednesday, Apr 13 2022 

Central is one of only two schools in the country to get a Spotbot 3, a robotic dog that can sit, stay, run and even make a 3-D map of an entire building.


Pete Davidson blasting off to space aboard Blue Origin rocket Monday, Mar 14 2022 

The 'Saturday Night Live' star will fly to the edge of space later this month on a rocket from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company.


Cyberattacks possible as US declares sanctions on Russia Thursday, Feb 24 2022 

“You might well see a desire on Russia's part to engage in cyberattacks as a retaliation against the sanctions that we are placing on them.”


‘We can tell these families’: Researchers record activity of dying human brain Wednesday, Feb 23 2022 

An unexpected event gave scientists the chance to do something never done before: record the activity of a dying human brain.


UGA student pays off entire tuition thanks to TikTok Friday, Feb 11 2022 

"I have no debts in my name," said Leon Ondieki, who said his TikTok videos make him up to $400 a day.


Instagram Thursday, Feb 10 2022 

Connect with WHAS11 News on Instagram.


Hacks to keep your phone charged when a storm knocks out your power Wednesday, Feb 2 2022 

Here are some hacks to charge your phone in the event of a sustained power outage during severe weather.


UofL and Department of Defense partner to strengthen U.S. cyber security Wednesday, Jan 26 2022 

UofL will help further four main thrusts: applied cyber research, applied analytics, strategic issues and building a future workforce.


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