Interim dean for Arts & Sciences College announced Saturday, Dec 14 2019 

Matthew Keck —

David Owen, Chair of Philosophy, was named interim dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Dec. 13. This comes after Dean Kimberly Kempf-Leonard announced she would be stepping down at the end of this month.

“I am very grateful that David has agreed to take on this large responsibility on short notice and to work with Neeli [Bendapudi] and me to make this a great place to learn, work, and invest,” said provost Beth Boehm. “I am also grateful to the many faculty and staff members of the College who have written me, spoken with me, or attended one of the meetings I held last week to discuss the interim position.”

The search for a new A&S dean has been ongoing since August. Boehm met with faculty and staff then to hear their thoughts about what they wanted in the new dean.

“I am also grateful to the many faculty and staff members of the College who have written me, spoken with me, or attended one of the meetings I held last week to discuss the interim position,” said Boehm.

Owen is the  chair of the Philosophy Department and will serve as the interim A&S dean through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. “I am confident that David is that best choice and that he will be a strong leader for the interim.  I know that the associate deans and dean’s staff will help David in his transition,” said Boehm.

Boehm also thanked Kempf-Leonard for her five years of service and her help with transitioning Owen into the interim position.

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Student removed from campus apartments after accidentally discharging firearm Wednesday, Nov 27 2019 

By Matthew Keck —

A University of Louisville student living in the Cardinal Towne apartments accidentally discharged a firearm Nov. 23, sending the bullet through the above room. No one was injured in this situation, but the student who fired the gun has been removed from Cardinal Towne and is facing disciplinary actions.

Executive Vice President and Provost Beth Boehm sent out a letter to students Nov. 26. “The student who discharged the weapon has been removed from campus housing and is facing disciplinary action as defined by the code of student conduct,” said Boehm. “Our housing office reached out to the affected students, offering them the opportunity to move to other housing, and the Dean of Students’ office and ULPD have engaged with the students to provide additional support.”

U of L Dean of Students Michael Mardis addressed the media Nov. 26 and said the gun was immediately seized from the student in question. He also said that the student wasn’t removed from the housing complex until Nov. 25, even though the incident happened two days before.

There was no RAVE alert sent out for this incident on Nov. 23. “As a reminder, U of L issues RAVE alerts when there is an imminent danger to students, faculty and staff,” said Boehm. “Because ULPD and Campus Housing quickly engaged the situation, there was no further threat to other students.”

Boehm also said in the letter that safety is the university’s top priority. She mentioned U of L’s weapon policy which prohibits deadly weapons on any property owned, leased, operated or controlled by U of L. This policy has been in place since 1996.

While both Boehm and Mardis said that the bullet went into the student’s closet, images from the student in the above room show the bullet was inches from her bed.

Boehm urged students, faculty and staff to call ULPD if they see something that concerns them on campus. She also highlighted the Cardinal Principle, being a “community of care.”

“Our safety is in large part determined by the quality of our response and the strength of the ties between us,” she said.

The student who fired the shot isn’t facing criminal charges, but is facing possible expulsion from U of L.

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College of Arts and Sciences discusses search for new dean Wednesday, Sep 4 2019 

By Matthew Keck–

Beth Boehm, University of Louisville provost, met with the College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff Aug. 30 to discuss the search for a new dean.

The faculty and staff had separate meetings with Boehm to voice their concerns about the search for a new dean. These meetings were held to create a safe space for faculty and staff to share their thoughts.

Boehm said they were meeting to discuss when and how they would search for a new A&S dean. She explained the search would be dependent upon the Redbook, which is U of L’s standard governance document.

A&S staff suggested an amendment to the Redbook rule to allow two staff on the search committee. Staff felt they have been underrepresented in past searches.

In order to change this rule in the Redbook, the board of trustees has to pass it. Boehm was also resistant to adding more staff solely because it would add more faculty.

The search committee for this process consists of 15 people total with eight faculty and one staff on the committee. It is possibile that more faculty and staff  are on the committee if they are a part of the Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality (CODRE). Boehm was adamant about keeping the committee this size so it doesn’t become unruly.

A major concern among Boehm and the faculty and staff was the issue of her term as provost ending next year. Faculty and staff were split on whether to wait for a new provost or move forward under Boehm.

Boehm said the dean search should start now because U of L has a president who is exciting and attractive to work for. Her apprehension was that a prospective dean may not want to come because they won’t know who their boss is.

Kimberly Kempf-Leonard is the current A&S dean and will be stepping down after the 2019-2020 school year. She announced this in July.

There was no mention of when the process of finding a new dean would officially start.

Photo by Matthew Keck / Louisville Cardinal

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Belknap academic building celebrates it’s first birthday Tuesday, Sep 3 2019 

By Victoria Harris —

The Belknap Academic Building celebrated its first birthday with instructor presentations and activities Aug. 29.

University of Louisville Provost Beth Boehm stood in for President Neeli Bendapudi as the speaker for the event. Boehm touched on how the BAB allows for professors to teach more interactively.

“This building has 27 classrooms that are all interactive that make it possible for people to share information with each other,” said Boehm. “It takes time on the faculties part to get used to not standing in the front of the room.”

During the BAB celebration, students were reviewing notes or on their laptops taking advantage of the armchairs and high-top seating. Professors had “poster sessions” during the celebration, so they could share teaching tips and techniques and learn from each other. These sessions were for professors to highlight their favorite active teaching methods and techniques.

Students could toss cornhole to win free pieces of candy and were allowed to experiment with the technologies at the poster sessions around the celebration. As part of the celebration everyone who attended the BAB’s birthday was treated with free cupcakes.

Anthropology professor Angela Storey teaches in two classrooms on the first floor of the BAB, which she said has greatly impacted her teaching style.

“The BAB has allowed me to teach more fully in the way that I would like, which is utilizing active learning techniques of all classes,” said Storey. “Everything about it has allowed me to utilize the same techniques that I was attempting to use in traditional lecture halls, [but] with challenges.”

The BAB replaced the old Crawford Gym which had been built during the early 1960’s. Fans and alumni had strong memories associated with the Crawford Gym, so the designers of the BAB tied in some of the wood from the gym benches into the seating that makes up the grand staircase at the entrance.

Cardinal Singers from the School of Music were at the event to sing “Happy Birthday” to the BAB after Boehm’s remarks.

Photo By Matthew Keck / Louisville Cardinal 

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