By Zoe Watkins —

Every year, thousands of people make resolutions for the upcoming year; however, few stay committed to what they hope to do in the first few months while barely anyone even accomplishes these resolutions. Here are some simple tricks to stay on track.

Stick to set limits and be realistic. If it becomes more reachable, then the likelihood of achieving the goal increases. So instead of a goal of reading 50 books, try reading around 15 or 20.

Planning and outlining always works for the best. Coming up with a goal on the spot won’t work out for the near future as the thought process behind it was just for that day. Spend some time on the goal and put more thought and effort into it. Also plan in advance for days when the temptation gets too much and come up with ways to avoid it.

Tell people about it. Telling others the goal will allow them to be more supportive. Also talking to a friend always works to stay on track.  Maybe someone has the same goal, or there’s a group out there where everyone supports each other to reach that one resolution everyone shares.

Keeping track of all the progress that has been made. Using a planner to show the progress that has been made over the months will help keep you motivated. Each small step or achievement towards the greater picture will help with focus. So, every minute of walking and then running will help in the long run when it’s time to run that 5k.

Have a cheat day once in a while. Having some time to celebrate any recent achievements is perfect for motivation and inspiration to keep ongoing. So have that large sundae or go on that shopping trip to Mall St. Matthews. Just don’t overdue it and have the celebration go against the resolution.

Even if it’s hard to stick to the plan and a few mistakes are made along the way, it’s nothing to worry about. It just happens sometimes and all that can be done is to keep moving forward. As well as taking a little break, that’s okay. Start back up when the time is right and go from there.

Also, maybe over time, the resolution will turn into a habit. It takes about two months for anything to become a daily habit. So though it will take time, keep striving towards that goal, and over time, it will seem like it is just part of daily life.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr // The Louisville Cardinal

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