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It was a big year for the University of Louisville alumni and students who applied for Fulbright Scholarships. Twelve U of L alumni and students received the prestigious award, with 30% of students who applied winning.

“We’re proud of the U of L scholars who represent our University abroad because they’re using their Fulbright awards to do exciting and worthwhile projects all over the globe–whether that means studying the modification of lipid groups in Belgium, researching interpretation methods in Spain, or teaching English in Taiwan,” said U of L fellowships coordinator Bethany Smith. “Their success is a testament to U of L’s mission of being a great place to learn.”

These 12 new scholars puts U of L’s total at 133 scholars over the last 17 years. Since 2003, U of L has been known as an outstanding producer of Fulbright Scholars.

U of L’s total number of Fulbright Scholars is more than all Kentucky public institutions combined. This is also the second most Fulbright’s for U of L in the last five years, with the highest being 14 in 2016.

“When I heard that we had so many winners of prominent awards—including a dozen Fulbrights—I marveled at how we are able to achieve such high honors year after year,” said U of L President Neeli Bendapudi. “We have an astounding track record as a producer of top scholars and I’m so proud of our incredible students, faculty and staff because they all work together to make this possible.”

Each of the 12 scholars graduated from U of L last May and are teaching or conducting research in: Europe, South America, Caribbean and Southeast, East, and South Asia.

Applicants for this scholarship are chosen based criteria of their training, background and experience. The career fields typically funded by this scholarship include artists, journalists, scientists and independent scholars.

Having this many winners, and consistently, is like winning in sports said Charles Leonard, executive director for the Grawmeyer Awards.

“We begin with great talent, and as coaches, we learn what it takes to win the fellowships,” he said. “The students who have succeeded in the Fulbright process inspire their friends and classmates, and in turn we get more successful applicants the next cycle.”

The Fulbright Scholars Ben Anderson, Noela Botaka, Seth Drake, Chelsea Flint, Eric Hahnert and Miranda Hale. Also receiving the Fulbright Scholarship  are Alexander Kaliannan, Samir Kušmić, Macey Mayes, Natasha Mundkur, Ethan Connor Libby Pelletier and Elizabeth Schaaf.

Students who are interested in the Fulbright Scholarship program can contact for more information.

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