Damaging frost, flurries possible early Wednesday Monday, Apr 19 2021 

Snow accumulation is highly unlikely, but temperatures in the 30s for several mornings may cause damage to crops and other plants.


Kentucky pollen hacks: Tricks for allergy sufferers to keep home, pets and car clean Sunday, Apr 11 2021 

When it comes to spring allergies, you don’t need to anticipate the season with dread.


Celsius vs. Fahrenheit: A brief history of temperature Monday, Dec 14 2020 

With news of a COVID-19 vaccine needing to be stored at super cold temperatures, here's a brief history of two temperature scales.


Heavy rain to begin Wednesday night; several inches expected Wednesday, Oct 28 2020 

Flooding is a concern for some as upwards of 4" will be possible in select locations.


Much needed soaking rains arrive to start the week Sunday, Oct 18 2020 

Rain will help alleviate drought conditions in southern Indiana.


La Niña conditions may mean a wetter, slightly warmer winter for Ohio Valley Sunday, Sep 13 2020 

Two of the last three La Niña events brought above average snowfall to Louisville.


September 3rd was especially wet, but 2020 has been a very wet year Thursday, Sep 3 2020 

Louisville had over 17" of rain June through August, over 5.75" above normal. Will September be just as wet? How does 2020 compare historically?


Step-by-step | How to set up severe weather alerts on your iPhone or Android Tuesday, Apr 14 2020 

Severe weather can strike at any time day or night. Your cell phone weather alerts are crucial for you and your family get out of harms way.