Are You a Recent College Grad? Do These Things Now Thursday, Dec 15 2022 

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If college graduation day is in your recent past, now is the time to start getting serious about dealing with a few of life’s important issues. Whether you’re fresh out of school or several years into a new career, attend to priorities that matter, like setting up a tax-deferred retirement account. If you’re lucky, an employer offers a different kind of IRA known as a 401(k), which allows for larger contributions and potentially generous payouts.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that just because you’re still relatively young, it’s okay to put things off for a few more years. By the same token, be careful to focus on a couple of the non-financial moves you should be making, like incorporating rest and leisure time into your daily life and building a professional network. Of course, now is also the perfect time to refinance student loans in order to save money on monthly payments. Getting life insurance and setting up a regular savings plan are other pieces of the puzzle. Here are details about how to get started on the most critical projects.

Refinance Your Student Loans

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying on one or a half-dozen college loans. The smartest move a recent grad can make is to refinance all of them into one new obligation. Young working people can save a lot when they refinance school debt. The logical first step of the process is to find an online resource that lets borrowers scan for personalized loan refinancing rates from multiple lenders. The one-stop-shop approach makes sense for a number of reasons. Other than the convenience factor, using such a site gives users a chance to compare rates and terms. There’s no better way to get the best refinancing deals and chop a significant amount off monthly expenses.

Open an Individual Retirement Account

When it comes to IRAs, there are a few essential guidelines. Don’t procrastinate, and don’t think you’ll always be able to contribute the maximum annual amount to an IRA. Plus, don’t think you’re too young to plan for retirement. Now is the best time to get the benefit of compound interest. Know the two main types of IRAs, one of which uses tax-deferred income and one that doesn’t (the Roth IRA). Finally, get professional financial advice if you have any questions. It’s imperative to get accounts set up according to legal requirements and to start contributing to them as soon as possible.

Buy Life Insurance

Take advantage of being young and healthy and get a steal on the price of excellent coverage that can never be canceled. Don’t leave things to chance by purchasing the first policy that looks like a good deal. Instead, use a reliable website Marketplace by Navient platform that lets you compare rates for several top carriers. Find out how much coverage you need by using one of the many available formulas that take age, income, and preference into account.

Build Leisure Time into Your Life

It’s easy to become a workaholic, so don’t risk burnout. Many young professionals join a gym or do regular exercise to stay healthy. However, one of the central benefits of working out is to have an outlet from the pressures of work. Plus, gyms are a great place to meet people outside your career field, make some personal contacts, and casually socialize. Beware of overindulging with alcohol, and learn how to party responsibly. Too many young working people let their guard down and end up with addiction problems. It’s best to cut off that possibility before it happens.

Save Regularly

One of the secrets to building wealth is learning how to save consistently. The wisest first step is to automate the process via a payroll savings plan through an employer or bank. Avoid accumulating a significant amount of debt, especially if you have high-limit credit cards. Create an emergency fund that is roughly equal to three months of income. Aim to set aside between 3% and 7% of monthly income, but adjust that amount if needed.

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Tayloani Hair Growth Product Review: Does It Work? Tuesday, Dec 13 2022 

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There’s nothing fun about losing your hair – especially when you see clumps and clumps hitting the shower pan almost daily.

Unfortunately, this is an everyday reality for millions of women across the country (and millions more around the world).

As we age, our hair grows a mind of its own and almost leaps off our scalp – leaving big and causing our hairline to transform, pushing higher and higher up our forehead.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something we could do about all this hair loss?

Wouldn’t it be nice to immediately slam the brakes on this problem with an all-natural product that didn’t introduce all kinds of chemicals and toxins into our hair, poisoning our healthy hair while trying to restore and regrow here that already wasn’t doing so well?

If you answered yes to either of those two questions, you’re in luck, thanks to the new hair growth solution from the folks at Tayloani.

A revolutionary new leap forward in the all-natural hair regrowth and restoration market, the new solution they’ve somewhat recently released is a game changer.

Women of all ages are using it to stop hair loss, protect the hair they still have, and even restore and rejuvenate hair that they thought they had lost forever.

Sound too good to be true?

Check out the rest of this detailed guide to learn more!

What is the Tayloani Hair Growth Solution?

The new Tayloani hair growth solution is an innovative product that took a number of years to research, to formulate, to test, and to innovate. Part shampoo and part systematic process, the Tayloani hair growth and rejuvenation solution is designed to be relatively straightforward to use but powerfully effective.

On top of that, this 100% made-in-the-USA product only utilizes all-natural and safe ingredients in its formulation.We are talking about a certified vegan product, totally sulfate and paraben free, and about as far from the chemical cocktail solutions sold on the market as “quick fixes,” which aren’t ever really able to deliver on the big promises that they make.

Using the Tayloani hair growth solution is simple and straightforward.

First, you wash your hair with their shampoo product. This cleanses your hair entirely but leaves it healthy and moisturized – but most importantly, it opens up your hair follicles to accept the second phase of the hair growth system.

Next, you’ll apply a proprietary hair masque product into the Tayloani “Thermocap” – a specialty shower cap designed to be popped into the microwave (with the hair product inside) for 90 seconds before you apply it to your hair.

After that, leave the shower cap with the warmed-up hair masque on your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing everything out, and do this two or three times a week.

That’s all it takes to rejuvenate, restore, and redraw your hair while adding a lot of body, a lot of volume, and a lot of vibrancy as well!

What We Like Best About the Tayloani Hair Growth Solution

There’s so much to like about the Tayloani hair growth solution, but the thing we like the most is that this product doesn’t just deliver on its big promises – it exceeds expectations, too.

It’s not going to take you very long to see firsthand just how well the Tayloani hair growth solution works at restoring and rejuvenating your hair. We are talking about a couple of weeks (and some people see results sooner than that).

Second, we love that this product is so natural, chemical, and toxin-free, and it’s humanely made 100% in the United States. This isn’t something tested on animals, and it isn’t something that includes animal byproducts, either.

Instead, the core ingredients handling all the heavy lifting of this hair rejuvenation solution are natural ingredients like cocoa butter, biotin, jojoba oil, castor oil, and a handful of others.

You can feel good about using the Tayloani hair growth system!

What We Didn’t Love

We are hard-pressed to come up with even a handful of things we didn’t love about this Tayloani product.

It is a little bit of an annoying chore to heat the hair masque product every time you want to use it. Standing in the shower for an extra 10 minutes while this hair masque does its work is a little much sometimes, too.

Outside of that, this stuff is about as good as it gets.

Pros and Cons


  • Scientifically designed to produce thicker, fuller hair
  • Proprietary formula feeds and fuels hair growth and restoration
  • 100% Vegan and cruelty-free product guaranteed
  • Made totally in the USA
  • Deeply cleanses hair while promoting strength and growth
  • Cuts down on hair breakage issues significantly
  • Easy to make part of your daily routine


  • Not as simple as just shampooing your hair
  • You’ll need a steady supply of the shampoo for regular use
  • The included cap will need to be replaced every couple of months
  • A little on the pricey side of things


  • Simple three-step hair restoration system that works (and works fast)
  • Formulated to use all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients that are safe and effective
  • Manufactured 100% in the USA under strict regulations
  • Hydrates, fuels, and restores hair while adding body and volume
  • Smells fantastic

Final Thoughts

You must be careful hunting down hair regrowth and restoration products these days. There’s a lot of snake oil being peddled by less-than-ethical marketers.

Everybody in the space claims that their hair growth products are the best of the best, but many of them are flooded with dangerous or toxic chemicals that will give your hair a short lift but will destroy it long term.

That will never be a problem with Tayloani’s hair growth products. This stuff is fantastic, some of the best-reviewed hair growth products on the market today, and a real deal (and ethical) hair rejuvenation product that works.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Give it a try yourself. You’ll find out firsthand – pretty quickly, too – just how magic this stuff is!

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Marketable College Business Majors for 2023 Tuesday, Dec 13 2022 

By Jacob MaslowBranded Content

Every few years, college students scurry to uncover the latest data about which business majors offer the greatest chances of securing a job after graduation. It’s almost a cyclical phenomenon, as undergrads maneuver to select the right courses and declare their major fields of study. After locking in their preferences, they cross their fingers and hope that their choice remains on the hot list until they finally graduate and begin seeking work. Ironically, the roster of most employable majors doesn’t change very much from year to year. 

Statistics and marketing routinely make the top ten. The same is true for stalwart subjects like finance, accounting, management, and IT-related majors. While there is probably too much emphasis on subjects and not enough on experience and internships, it’s still a good idea to review what business fields get the most attention from students as well as hiring agents. If you’re still on the fence about how to maximize the chance to land a worthwhile position after getting a diploma, consider the following subjects, all of which have the power to get you into the door of just about any corporation, startup company, or professional consulting firm.


Statistics has been a go-to major for the numerically inclined for more than 50 years. However, recent modernizations in the form of big data generation, AI (artificial intelligence), and the digital revolution, in general, have led many students to explore the new wave of reporting and analytics subtopics that are gaining widespread popularity among business leaders all over the world. Visual analytics is the rising star in commercial fields that focus on information and data science.

Statistics majors are now focusing on the visual side of the equation by acquiring these relevant skills in their coursework and elective classes. It’s important to remember that visual analytics encompasses the full range of data collection, segregation, presentation, and more. While most people are familiar with the idea of visualization via infographics, the field of analytics is much broader, taking in the start-to-finish process of creating understandable visual data products.


Marketing has long been a favorite of students who wanted a short job search after graduation. One of the reasons for the long-term solidity of the degree is that corporations and small firms are advertising more than ever before. With the advent of the internet, marketing experts with degrees and a few years of experience can virtually choose their niche and expect generous starting salaries.

Accounting & Finance

For more than a half-century, grads with financial and accountancy skills have been in high demand in the private and public sectors. Another alluring feature of these specialties is that, like lawyers, diploma holders with finance-related degrees can go into business for themselves as planners, tax consultants, and consumer counselors. Both offer advanced certifications for professionals who want to climb the career ladder swiftly.

CFPs (certified financial planners) and CPAs (certified public accountants) tend to earn the highest salaries and snag the best positions in their respective industries. But both certifications require about one year of additional study after graduating from college. There are other certification routes, but those two are by far the most popular.

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3 Things You Should Know About the College Student in Your Life Tuesday, Nov 22 2022 

By Jacob Maslow – Branded Content

Whether you have a relative, a family friend, or someone else in your life who is wondering if college is still worth it or just starting college, you may want to provide some support to them in this enormous life change. It can help to keep a few things in mind as you think about how to provide this support. Even if you went to college yourself, it’s different for everyone, and sometimes it’s hard to remember the particulars of the experience.

They Are Adults, Sort Of

While you may be tempted to point out all the ways in which they are not really adults, it’s important to remember that not only are they indeed legally adults, but they are also probably more capable than you give them credit for. Throughout the country, 18-year-olds are not just going off to college but they’re also living independently, having children, and serving in the military. At the same time, if your instinct is telling you that they may lack the wisdom and maturity to make the best decisions all the time, you’re also not wrong. You really need to step back and let the student make their own decisions at this time and deal with consequences as well, but there may be times when they need adult intervention, such as if they are ill or having issues with a landlord.

They May Need a Cosigner

One of the biggest worries faced by many college students is money. Even though there are several different ways they may pay for their education, including federal aid, work-study programs, grants, and scholarships, they might still come up short given the rising costs of both tuition and living in general. The college student in your life may need to take out private loans as well, but with little or no credit history, those loans may be inaccessible or might offer an unfavorable repayment plan. If you are able to be a cosigner for that student, it can make a big difference. By cosigning a student loan, it means that they are more likely to get approved and that they may be offered lower interest rates.

They Could Use Your Solicited Advice

Nobody really wants unsolicited advice, but it’s a good idea to let the student know that you are available if they do want your input. This gentle approach is likely to be more effective than barging in with your opinion unasked anyway. If you’re not the parent, you can still be a useful source of guidance. In fact, it can be helpful for students to have other adult advisors besides their parents. Whether you’ve been out of school yourself for a few decades or just a few years, it’s likely that you can offer a different and valuable perspective on topics as diverse as how to choose a major, how to get along with roommates or how to budget. You don’t have to have any special knowledge or training to help with these types of issues. They are generally things that simply come easier to you as you get older and get more life experience.

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Why You Need to Invest in Tech for Your Fleet Tuesday, Nov 8 2022 

By Jacob Maslow – Branded Content

Long-haul trucking is a lucrative, yet demanding job. As an owner or manager of a long-haul trucking business, you need to make sure your drivers are safe and well-rested while on the road. Meeting deadlines can sometimes mean drivers work overtime, which can lead to issues if they aren’t equipped with the right technology. Thankfully, there are plenty of high-tech options that can help protect drivers from accidents and keep them focused. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these tools and how they can help your long-haul trucking business operate more safely and efficiently.

AI Dash Cams

AI dash cams are a great way to keep an eye on your drivers. They allow you to monitor their behavior, which can help you find out if they’re speeding or not following safety protocols. They can also be used to make sure that neither your driver nor another driver is following too closely from behind. Knowing their reaction distance will give you the insight to either applaud their performance or possibly offer them more on-the-job training. Tailgating is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents on the highway. That’s why investing in them should be a top priority. You can use real-time footage to ensure your drivers are safe, even when they’re behind schedule.

GPS Devices

GPS tracking is another must-have for any long-haul driver. When used correctly, they can help you cut costs, and keep drivers on track while behind the wheel. They also help you to monitor the location of your entire fleet, which is especially important if it’s large. You can use the tracking to gauge whether they can arrive on time, or if you need to notify your customer of potentially late delivery.

Monitoring Tech

There are also other types of tech you can use to monitor your team. Sensors and software can give a bird’s-eye view of the inside of the cab, in addition to all around the outside. Sensors also let you know whether your drivers are braking too often, not often enough and whether they’re remaining far enough behind the vehicle in front of them. If they’re accelerating too frequently, they might not have enough time to hit the brakes.

Benefits of Investing in Technology

While you already know how tech can help keep your drivers safe, it also offers a variety of other benefits. Even if you are trying to minimize expenses while growing your business you can use it to increase your ROI, too. Having access to continuous monitoring allows you to create different delivery routes, create in-depth training safety programs and even offer live on-the-job training sessions. Even though there is an initial cost of setup, it eventually pays for itself with faster delivery times and happy customers.

Alcohol Detection Technology

No one wants to think that their staff would ever drink and drive. It does happen, so you need a way to make sure your team doesn’t risk their job, your livelihood, and your life. Installing alcohol detection technology prevents the truck from starting if alcohol is detected. It will also immediately send you a notification of the vehicle it is.

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3 Reasons Why Old School Notebooks Remain the New Cool Thursday, Oct 13 2022 

By Jacob MaslowBranded Content

The world has genuinely digitized within the past few years. Everything has opened up on a technological scale. From eateries to education, people have grown in the fast-paced world of innovation and technology. Notes have also come to a digital end, online notepads are available on all electronic devices. On the contrary, the need for traditional notebooks remains to keep growing. The increasing population in the UK means more schools, colleges, and other institutions are rapidly taking admissions for various new students. Every single student requires multiple notebooks for various subjects and classes. Making notes is an essential part of learning and understanding. This is the traditional system that even modern technology could not replace.



Multinational companies make sure to stay on top of the merchandising game and so forth and offer GoPromotional notebooks, bags, pens, and mugs. Notebooks remain crucial as they hold conferences where the audience notes any important pointers for their own use. Having conferences and meetings is a part of the daily routine for corporate employees. The corporate world emphasizes the use of traditional notebooks for safe keeping too. Digitized notes are prone to viruses and hence not considered the most secure option to jot down essential data. In the UK, several corporate employees have been required to carry notebooks. This helps them not miss out on any important detail, and hence they can be considered the most hard-working employees. 


A great number of schools, colleges, and other educational institutes have reconsidered their decisions that put the kids into an inconsiderate circle. They have been responsible for spreading awareness amongst their students, teachers, and other faculty staff members to utilize environment-sustainable products. Many institutions have only allowed eco-friendly notebooks for children. This act has been known to ensure that the atmosphere remains clean and the increasing rate of pollution slows down by a great deal.


While we know the importance of traditional notebooks, it is important to analyze that the excessive usage of anything can become a threat. To make sure that something as essential as a notebook is not affecting the environment in a harmful manner, we must switch to eco-friendly options. There are numerous sustainable notebooks on going promotional for the UK market that spreads environment-friendly goodness for the world. One good or bad choice can affect many people around you. Having eco and sustainable notepads are much more long-lasting. Many schools in the UK are now encouraging students to have eco-friendly notebooks for daily use. Along with that, several merchandising goods contain items that are sustainable for the environment. This is a decision for long-term betterment that has a global effect. 


All around the world and especially in the UK, people have understood the depth of using old-school notebooks and realized that modern techs have failed to replace them with digital notebooks. This has created awareness in the bigger companies and other sectors to incorporate sustainable and environment-friendly notebooks to reduce their contribution to global warming and increasing pollution.

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Perfecting Your Child’s Bedtime Routine: How Do You Build a Routine for Them? Monday, Sep 26 2022 

By Jacob MaslowBranded Content

Bedtime is one of the most routine things in a child’s life, and yet it can sometimes feel like a minefield. Studies show that having a bedtime routine improves your child’s mood and behavioral regulation. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make bedtime a special event every night. But what if you could still find ways to make it more fun, safer, and easier for your little one?

Bedtime routines change as circumstances change over time. Many bedtime routines include basics like a bath, brushing their teeth, and giving them a sleep patch. But some kids are just going to be more demanding before they settle down for the night. Creating a safe and enjoyable nighttime routine for many parents is as simple as following these five tricks.

  • Get to the Bottom of Bedtime Rituals

All habits begin with a ritual of some kind. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is usually a reason behind the way we do things. Adding a sleep patch can seem like a fun perk to your child, but the soothing aromas are there to do a job. It’s worth exploring your child’s current bedtime rituals and figuring out what they might mean.

Most of us have rituals that run through our minds when we go to bed, and we may not even realize it. Our minds are processing and replaying events, fantasies, or even worries that have happened throughout the day. The trick is to be aware of these patterns and then change them.

  • Make Bedtime a Family Affair

There is no better time to bond as a family than at bedtime. For some families, this will come naturally, while others will have to make a conscious effort to make bedtime a more family-oriented affair.

If you have older children, they may already be involved in their own bedtime rituals, but you can still get them involved in the rest of the routine. For example, you might want everyone to read together for a few minutes or take turns reading a story out loud to their stuffed animals.

  • Set a Timer for Bed

You can set a timer for how long you would like your child to stay awake before bed. Once the timer goes off, it will encourage your child to start winding down and preparing for bed. This is the perfect time to give children a sleep patch. If your child doesn’t go to bed sleepy enough, he or she will be unable to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Even children who do fall asleep too early will probably wake up too early. For many children, especially those who are younger or have difficult-to-manage sleep schedules, setting a timer for bed provides a consistent, safe and effective way to end the day.

  • Create a Bedtime Story

Bedtime stories are as old as time, but they are also as new as your imagination. If you are lucky enough to have a child who is still young enough to enjoy being read to, or if you yourself are still young enough to enjoy reading out loud, then you should definitely be reading stories to your child before bed.

But what if your child is older and no longer wants to be read to? One way to do this is to use a creativity app or a story-generating website. You can type in words such as “bedtime stories” and the name of your child to generate random story ideas. These can be silly, serious, or a mix of both, depending on what you are looking for.

  • Encourage Movement and Song Before Bed

For many parents, the thought of your child running around the house before bedtime seems dangerous, inappropriate, or just plain silly. But physical activity, especially with some music and singing thrown in, can actually help your child wind down, prepare for sleep and even improve their quality of sleep. Let them tire themselves out and reward them with a sleep patch!

If your child is old enough, you can try doing gentle yoga poses or stretches together before bed. If your child is younger, you can do movements such as swinging your arms, tapping your feet, or gently bouncing on the spot. If you have enough space in your home, you can try dancing together to some music before bed.

Sleep on It

Consistent bedtime routines can be beneficial for everyone, especially children. They help children wind down, relax and prepare for sleep. They also help regulate a child’s sleep patterns. While the routine can vary from child to child, it’s important for children to have consistent bedtimes and bedtime rituals such as being given a sleep patch so that they can develop good sleeping habits. Bedtime routines are important for everyone, no matter what. Sleep tight!

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4 Ways to Get Involved With Investing Thursday, Sep 22 2022 

By Jacob Maslow – Branded Content

Do you have a friend or two that love to talk about how their money helps them become richer? Maybe they say something like, “You have to have money to make money.” Maybe it’s something you heard on TV instead, such as “I put my money to work for me. My money goes out and earns me more money.”

This only tells part of the story. It’s not enough to have money that can make you more money. You need to know how to put your money to work. The good news is that it is easier than ever with technology and modern investing strategies to start investing. With new concepts like fractional ownership in stocks, real estate, and much more, you do not need a large pile of cash to start investing. Here are four ways to get involved with investing. 

1. Stocks

Stocks are one of the most common ways people think about investing. With more stock brokerages offering fractional ownership and other trading strategies, more people have the ability to put some money in the stock market. On top of that, you’ve probably heard of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and a 401(k), which are both valuable tools for building a retirement nest egg. Within those types of accounts are two different ways to contribute.

In a traditional IRA or 401(k), you can contribute money pre-tax. This means the amount of money you contribute is not counted when you file your income taxes at the end of the year. However, be aware that you will still have to pay income taxes on that money whenever you begin to withdraw from the account.

On the other hand, any money you put into a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) is considered an after-tax contribution. This means that you have previously paid taxes on that money. The advantage of a Roth IRA or a Roth 401(k) is that you do not have to pay income taxes on any of the money when you withdraw, including any gains made on your investments. Beware that you may have to pay a penalty if you withdraw from these accounts too early.

2. Real Estate

Some do not even consider real estate investing because it is intimidating and seems to have a high barrier to entry. Traditionally, investing in real estate required large loans with high fees and interest rates along with the daily stress of maintaining the property. However, fractional ownership offers a modern strategy to avoid those hassles while still reaping the benefits of real estate ownership.

Real estate investing can take on many different forms depending on your interest level. Vacation rental properties or other short-term rentals are popular because there is a high demand from people who want to stay at these places. Rental properties with long-term tenants or even commercial properties are other ways you can invest in real estate and start collecting profits.

3. Bonds

If investing in stocks is too scary to you, you might consider investing in bonds. There are three main sources of bonds. Companies issue corporate bonds to raise money. In return, companies pay the bondholder interest based on pre-arranged terms until the maturity date of the bond, which is when the company pays back the face value of the bond.

State and local governments issue municipal bonds. These work in a similar fashion to corporate bonds, but the money is usually being raised to fund public projects. An added advantage of municipal bonds is that the interest payments you receive are tax-free.

The United States government issues Treasury bonds to raise money and fully guarantees them, so the odds of losing your money due to default are extremely low. As is the case with municipal bonds, any interest you collect while holding these is tax-free.

4. Bitcoin

If bonds sound too boring to you, you can take on a more volatile investing strategy with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most people know what Bitcoin is by now, but there is still a significant percentage of people who have not invested in digital currency. The cost of a single Bitcoin has been more than $60,000 in the past, but the typical investor is buying and selling a much smaller amount through fractional ownership. Other cryptocurrencies have much lower costs per unit, but prices can fluctuate drastically and move very quickly. Do extensive research to understand the risks associated with volatility before investing in this asset class.


Getting involved with investing can take on many different forms. It is true that your money can make you more money, but you need to weigh the risks and your comfort level before starting. Fractional ownership enables you to invest with a much smaller amount than has historically been needed. Do more research into these four asset classes and others to determine the plan that makes the most sense to you.

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Breaking Down the Biggest Benefits of Headless Ecommerce Shops Wednesday, Sep 21 2022 

by Jacob MaslowBranded Content

We live smack dab in the center of the most competitive business environment ever.

Businesses today (especially e-commerce businesses, where an army of global competitors is always just a click or two away) need to be fast-moving, flexible, and agile. It’s essential to pivot quickly and capitalize on new opportunities as they become available.

Headless e-commerce is a perfect example of this approach to business today.

Basically separating the front end of a business from the back end of a business, allowing the customer-facing side of an operation to be tuned and tailored to multiple market segments, headless e-commerce is quickly becoming the “next big thing” in the online business space.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and setting up your headless e-commerce operation, here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy.

Almost Unlimited Customization Options

For starters, when you have a headless e-commerce platform, you can customize your customer experience in a way never before possible.

Because the back end of your business is separate and distinct from your business’s front end and customer-facing side, you can produce almost tailor-made e-commerce shopping experiences for every single one of your customers.

The result is a much better customer experience, with each of your customers feeling like they’ve finally found a shop built for just them – and that’s because it is!

Effortless Integration

Another significant benefit to using a headless e-commerce platform is your ability to integrate the backend of your business – the infrastructure of your operation – in many ways that wouldn’t have been possible to pull off before.

As a separate entity, your business backend can be combined and coupled with all kinds of frontends depending entirely on your traffic source, the market segment your targeting, and a whole host of other variables.

There’s a lot of freedom here!

Multichannel Experiences

With a distinct backend for your business that can be coupled with almost any type of front end, you can produce an online shop that works across various channels.

You can have a different social media front-end, a different email front-end, a different cold traffic front-end, and a different returning customer front-end…

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Best of all, you’ll be able to create an unlimited amount of new front ends for your business backend as often as you like. You’ll be able to capitalize on new opportunities as they become available in a way that would have been tough to pull off otherwise.

Easy Pivot and Capabilities

One of the most incredible things about headless e-commerce is its natural ability to help you pivot, iterate, and experiment without many roadblocks.

As we mentioned, you will be up against a ton of sophisticated and experienced competition (global competition) when you open up your e-commerce shop or business.

You’re going to need to be able to pivot. You need to be able to iterate new front ends and new customer experiences. And you need to have the flexibility to track your results, improve your shop, and then continue to refine and optimize from there.

Headless e-commerce makes all of that straightforward.

Closing Thoughts

Is headless e-commerce right for every single online shop out there?

That remains to be seen.

Are there a lot of really good reasons that folks are flocking to headless ecommerce when building out new shops and new online businesses?

You bet!

It’s well worth digging a little bit deeper into the ins and outs of headless e-commerce to figure out if this is something you should be taking advantage of now, especially if your competitors haven’t leaped forward yet already.

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Six Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident Monday, Sep 5 2022 

By Jacob MaslowBranded Content

As with many things in life, the best way to walk away from a motorcycle accident is to avoid getting into a crash in the first place. Like Benjamin Franklin once quipped, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This article will discuss some of the most effective ways to stay safe biking on the road.

Don’t Rely Solely on Braking and Swerving

According to the Hurt Report, considered the definitive study of motorcycle safety, the average time between the start of an accident and the actual moment of collision is just under two seconds.

Meanwhile, all motorcyclists are limited by human reaction times, which average about 1.5 seconds. As a result, even the most skilled riders have an incredibly tight margin of error when reacting to an accident. Therefore, you need to take other steps to avoid relying on braking and swerving alone.

Maintain High Visibility on Your Bike

Many motorcycle accidents caused by other automobile drivers happen because the driver didn’t see the biker. To help prevent this, do as much as possible to help other motorists see you.

Whenever you can, wear brightly colored clothing, and use high beams rather than low beams even during the day. Alternatively, you can use a light modulator (legal in all 50 US states and every province in Canada), which makes your motorcycle’s headlight and taillights blink between high and low beams, increasing your visibility to other drivers.

Finally, avoid vehicle blind spots by driving near the front fender of a car, especially during heavy traffic.

Put Space Between Your Motorcycle and Cross-Intersection Traffic

Whenever there is a chance for a car to turn in front of you or make a lane change in your path of travel, always be sure to give them plenty of space. This increases the chance that the car driver will see you and gives you more time to react in the event of a possible collision.

Many motorists cause accidents by making a left turn without seeing a motorcycle that is driving straight ahead. If you’re the biker in that situation, drive as close to the curb opposite the car as possible.

Pay Attention to Vehicles Near Your Motorcycle

This one seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes the most obvious answers are the best ones. Just like passengers in a crosswalk need to keep their eyes open in case a driver doesn’t seem them—or doesn’t care—and takes a left turn through the crosswalk, you need to keep your head on a swivel.

Whenever a car is near enough that it could violate your right-of-way, keep an eye on it until you’ve completed your turn, crossing, etc. Don’t take your eyes completely off of that car until after you’re past the point where they could turn into you or cause an accident.

Stop Safely at Intersections

No, this doesn’t mean reaching a complete stop (although you should also be doing that). Instead, this point is about avoiding stopping in the middle of a lane behind a car or other vehicle.

At a stop sign or red light, stop on the right rear side of the vehicle in front of you. Stopping on the left side is acceptable if there is no oncoming traffic on that side. Coming to a stop on one of the sides of a vehicle will keep you from getting pinned if a car collides with you from behind.

Avoid Riding at Night or in Bad Weather

All the dangers posed to motorists by night conditions or inclement weather are multiplied exponentially when it comes to motorcycles. So if you want to avoid risking an accident due to poor visibility, slick roads, or a higher risk of drunk drivers, leave the bike home until the sun comes out and the temperature is above freezing.

We hope this article has given you a better idea of how to keep yourself safe on the road. However, if you do end up in a motorcycle accident despite following all of these safety steps, be sure to secure counsel to represent you as needed.

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The post Six Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident appeared first on The Louisville Cardinal.

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