Farm to Table Dinner Returns for the Fall Semester Thursday, Oct 13 2022 

By Anthony Riley–

At the BAB quad Thursday evening, UofL dining hosted this semester’s Farm To Table dinner with farm fresh meals cooked up by university chefs, live music, and local food truck Jericho Farmhouse. Local honey was also on sale, with drinking water provided by Louisville Pure Tap. All ingredients for the event were all natural and locally sourced; beef shoulder, blueberry cobbler, chicken, and vegetarian options filled out the event’s menu. For only 15$ it was an all-you-can-eat buffet, and pumpkins were on sale at 10 cents per pound.

Photos by Anthony Riley//The Louisville Cardinal

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UofL Dining Hosts National Eat Outside Day Wednesday, Aug 31 2022 

By Anthony Riley–

UofL Dining hosted this year’s National Eat Outside Day on Wednesday during lunchtime. Students could picnic outside, make their own smoothies, and enter to win a new bicycle.

Photos by Anthony Riley//The Louisville Cardinal

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Thank the dining staff for their work during the pandemic Monday, Mar 8 2021 

By Catherine Brown–

University of Louisville’s dining staff deserve appreciation for the work that they do to feed students, faculty and staff every day. 

On Feb. 17, U of L Dining announced their decision to reduce dining hours across nearly every restaurant on campus. With that decision came the closures of Louie’s Corner, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Chick-fil-A at HSC Commons.

According to U of L Dining, this decision was made regarding lower rates of students on campus due to COVID-19.

Students were not happy with the decision.

Several students replied to the Instagram post with #FreeEinsteinBros and demanded that the university reinstate the chain’s previous operating hours.

Einstein Bros. is a favorite dining option for many students on campus. The chain operates at early hours, which allows students in early morning classes or athletics to grab breakfast before class or practice. Many students depend on Einstein Bros., the Ville Grill, and Chick-fil-A to start their day.

Destiny Smith, a sophomore nursing major, says that Einstein Bros. has been her go-to breakfast spot when she has 8 a.m. classes.

“The staff at Einstein Bros are so nice, genuine, and funny,” said Smith.

U of L partners with Aramark, a corporation that provides food service and facilities. Therefore, U of L food service workers are technically Aramark employees, not U of L employees. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve any less appreciation.

Several students commented on the impact that the change had on dining employees.  

“Not only is this screwing over students but think of the employees whose hours have been drastically cut,” freshman Vito Sabino said. “These are not high paying jobs either. Seems like U of L is willing to live with impacting the quality of life for food service workers just to save a buck.”

“Think of the workers who will be laid off or will have their hours cut. How will they provide for their families,” said sophomore Savannah Quach.

The following week, U of L Dining announced that food trucks would be available Tuesday to Thursday for students to enjoy.

“The decision was made this past week to bring these offerings to campus to aid in our ongoing efforts to improve the student, faculty and staff dining experience,” said U of L Director of Communications John Karman.

While the food trucks did receive decent crowds each day, students demanded that U of L bring back the regular dining hours.

Although students had more diverse dining options to choose from during that week, several original dining options were closed or their hours still reduced. 

Yet, how many dining staff struggled with having their hours reduced or had to worry about being scheduled that week?

U of L Dining has since announced that Einstein Bros. Bagels will open again for Grubhub orders. U of L will cover all transaction fees.

Think about how annoying it is to pay thousands of dollars on a meal plan. Then consider how little of that you can even spend. Finally, think about how little of that money the dining staff will actually see. 

Next time you go out to eat on campus, show your appreciation for the dining staff. If you can, stop and talk to them or give them a compliment. You might make someone’s day.

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Students share their grief over reduced dining hours Thursday, Feb 25 2021 

By Grace Welsh–

University of Louisville is under scrutiny by the student body as a result of abrupt changes to the hours of several dining locations for the remainder of the spring semester. 

Louie’s Corner, Einstein Bros. Bagels and the Chick-fil-A at HSC Commons will be closed for the remainder of the semester, while most other locations are available for limited hours during the weekday, and closed on the weekends. 

The announcement was posted on U of L Dining’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on physical flyers hung at various locations around campus. 

Students and parents were not hesitant to voice their opinions in the comment section of the Instagram post and on a petition asking for compensation for U of L students for the new limited dining hours. 

Hayleigh Walker, a sophomore pre-med Spanish major who started the petition with freshman Sydney Webb, said, “As soon as I saw the new posted dining hours I knew this was the wrong move, so I messaged @uofldining on Instagram wanting an explanation.” 

She said that their response seemed performative and looked scripted, so after posting to the university’s Facebook Campus social page, she took the initiative to create the petition. The petition now has over 1,700 signatures.

After word caught on, students shared the petition on a myriad of social platforms and flocked to the comment section to tell U of L’s dining services how they felt. 

On the original post, junior Rachel Barrsaid, “Why can you take away our dining options but still require us to buy a full meal plan?? We have to eat, and not just between 10-2. This is not at all ok.” 

Sophomore Savannah Quach agreed and said, “It’s clear that U of L does not care for its students or dining staff, only profits and their own convenience.”

Others left short and sweet comments, such as freshman social work major Cakki Holm, who asked, “Are we not allowed to eat on the weekends?” 

Sophomore Stephanie Price, a SPAD major, said, “U of L’s just kickin’ us while we’re already down.” 

Students and parents also left a multitude of comments on the petition, discussing their concerns over the drastic decision. 

Junior mechanical engineering major Jordan Campbell said, “Being required to buy a meal plan then having a very small time selection for the food I can buy with the meal plan is wrong.” 

One anonymous U of L parent said, “As a parent I am outraged!!! This is no way to treat these students.” 

Other students discussed the harm this would have on vegetarians and students with dietary restrictions, who won’t have as many options throughout the week.

All U of L students living on-campus or studying full-time are required to buy a meal plan each semester, the cheapest being $300 for commuters and $1,745 for those living in traditional dorms.

Just days after the announcement, U of L sent an email to its students reminding them that their flex points and meal swipes will expire at the end of spring semester finals. Freshmen are especially affected by these changes, as most first-year dorms lack kitchens.

U of L Dining Services responded to the abundance of criticism by sending an email to the student body, justifying their decision by saying there was a “39% reduction in students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic” and urging students to fill out this survey. 

It is unclear yet if any changes will be made since the backlash.

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