Students embrace a return to normal on campus Thursday, Sep 9 2021 

By Alexia Juarez–

Incoming and current U of L students are starting out the fall semester with in-person classes and activities. This is the first step in returning to a “normal” campus atmosphere since the outbreak over a year ago. 

To support this atmosphere, U of L has laid out several protocols to contain the widespread virus and keep students and university members safe.  

Since Aug. 9, all university members have been required to wear a mask in public and indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. 

Indoor spaces are defined as any space inside a campus building which is not a private room or office. This includes classrooms, academic labs, study, and restroom areas, along with libraries and hallways. This is understandable, due to the rising cases in Kentucky. 

According to the New York Times, Jefferson County’s 7-day average was about 479 cases per day from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6. Given Louisville’s population, it is imperative that students and faculty enforce this policy to contain the virus and return to campus life.  

Unvaccinated university members are required to be tested regularly. There are three required testing periods: Aug. 17 to 27, Sept. 7 to 17, and Oct. 6 to 15.  

This is a big step that U of L has taken in their return to normal — or as normal as it can be. Given that the pandemic has gone on for more than a year and a half, several students had not been on campus since the start of the outbreak. 

Given these announcements, it’s nice to have some hope for incoming and current students to enjoy campus life while balancing the unpredictability of the pandemic. It’s not only a silver lining for students, but for faculty as well. 

Professors will no longer have to struggle in online lectures for the desired student engagement –which is lacking in all online courses — or with the unbearable technical difficulties. These in-person classes bring back the socialization that some may have lost during this pandemic.   

For incoming freshmen, this may seem overwhelming. However, with the end goal in mind — to keep our U of L community safe and to have a normal in person education experience as much as possible — these protocols are the key to keeping the virus under control and ensuring students get the most out of their college experience.  


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Players and fans anticipate return to full capacity football games Friday, Sep 3 2021 

By Sam Roof–

Wash your favorite jersey and grab your best koozie because full capacity is back at Cardinal Stadium. 

After their season opener against University of Mississippi in Atlanta, the Louisville Cardinals will begin their preparation to play against the Eastern Kentucky Colonels. 

Hopefully, 60,000+ fans will be on their feet ready to cheer on our team in what should be a bounce-back year. 

There’s a buzz going around campus from players and fans alike. This season means a lot to many different individuals. 

For underclassmen, this may be their first opportunity to experience a Division I college football game. 

And for upperclassmen, the return to full capacity means a return to traditions and exhilaration they’ve longed to get back to for well over a year. 

Charlie Young, a U of L senior and lifelong Cardinal football fan shared what he was most looking forward to this season. 

“Getting back in the stadium and getting that Cardinal football atmosphere, being able to enjoy the game from the stands where I can cheer on my team in person and give the cards more of a home field advantage,” said Young.

University of Louisville tight end Isaac Martin also touched on the impact fans have for the players.

“The most exciting thing about this upcoming season is being able to play in packed stadiums and being able to hear the fans. It will definitely help us in tough spots, like in the red zone on offense and the defense on third downs. I can’t wait to have them back!”

This mutual excitement is just what our community needs. The last year and a half has been hard on everyone. But together, we have made strides to get better and closer to our new “normal.” Football has been a beloved tradition for the Louisville community. 

Freshman tight end Dez Melton reflected on what made him decide to leave his home in Arizona to play for U of L.

Melton said, “The fan base was part of the reason why I came because on my official visit, we went to a pizza place before a basketball game and everyone in there gave us a standing ovation. I never had a standing ovation from fans on any of my visits.”

This sport and this city mean something to our players, on and off the field. For some, such as Melton, this is a home away from home. Hopefully this football season can serve as a boost of joy for our tried and tested community. 

The players are excited. The students are excited. We all deserve these good times ahead. 

Let’s all strive to stay safe and enjoy this upcoming season. As freshman wide receiver Bradley West said, “There is nothing like the energy in a full football stadium.”

Photo Courtesy // WLKY News


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U of L prepares transition for in-person fall semester Monday, Mar 15 2021 

By Madelin Shelton — 

The university announced on March 13 that it plans to make a “return to normal” for fall 2021 by having more in-person courses. The decision comes after six months of planning from the Academic Scenario Planning Committee and the Coordinating Committee.

“In our case, a return to normal means we expect to offer students a robust residential experience with in-person classes and fully staffed student services again,” Executive Vice President and University Provost Beth Boehm said.

Elements of this plan include a fall 2021 schedule with face-to-face and 100% digital course designations and incorporating some online expectation into in-person courses. Most courses will be in person, but some online courses will be available for students that accommodate their learning styles and schedules.

In addition, any combination of in-person and online courses may be taken for the same resident or nonresident full-time rate.

Boehm said in the email that the university will still be prepared to flip some in-person courses to online or hybrid if the pandemic continues into the fall.

However, hybrid courses will not be continuing into the fall. “Because many students and faculty find the hybrid designation confusing, and because we do not expect to be required to physically distance to the same extent as this year, all courses will be marked as either face-to-face or 100% digital,” Boehm said.

“As always, our priority this fall will be to keep faculty, staff and students safe on campus while providing a first-class, in-person education for students,” Boehm said.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal

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