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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the University of Louisville Exposure club is developing a whole slew of authors.

Photo from Iggy Wirasakti, _iggs__ on Instagram

Photo from Iggy Wirasakti, _iggs__ on Instagram

The Exposure Club, currently run by U of L juniors Claudia Scheiderich and Iggy Wirasakti, started again in September 2021 after a short hiatus. Talk to any of the members and you can hear their passion for the beauty of photography; Iggy, for example, specializes in wildlife photography (specifically snakes). “[Snakes] are extremely misunderstood creatures,” he explained, “so I want to help people overcome this fear by showing them how incredible they are through my pictures.”

Claudia’s influence is more familial. “My aunt (no relation by blood) is a photographer, and my dad is a graphic designer. I also took lots of classes in high school that helped a lot.”

Photo from Zane Graham, @art_vandelay90 on Instagram

Photo from Zane Graham, @art_vandelay90 on Instagram

Sophomore Zane Graham developed his interest in photography as a younger teen. After receiving a used Olympus PEN camera for Christmas at 15 years old, he took to exploring his own backyard and capturing photos of the wooded areas around it.

Ernesto Fonesca, though only a freshman, is primarily self-taught; he found his niche in 360 photos/video, using its unique angle and lenses to capture fun, dizzying action shots. “A lot of it was through watching virtual tours; from there it was just experimenting,” he said.

Though the club disbanded for a bit in 2020, Scheiderich and Wirasakti aim to bring it back to full strength through various “photo walks” through locations on or near campus, editing workshops where students can learn and collaborate with others and hosting the occasional guest speaker.

If you would like to learn more, you can check out their Instagram here.

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