Baffert: Medina Spirit’s failed drug test could be linked to anti-fungal ointment Tuesday, May 11 2021 

Baffert said he was informed Monday that betamethasone is an ingredient in Otomax, an ointment used on the 3-year-old colt.


60 animals find forever homes after ‘Empty the Shelters’ event Monday, May 10 2021 

Before the week ended, all available adoption appointments at the Kentucky Humane Society had been filled.


What is Betamethasone? Here’s what experts say about the drug found in Medina Spirit Sunday, May 9 2021 

After the Kentucky Derby winner tested positive for the drug, many are wondering about the medication given to horses.


Louisville Zoo welcomes 3 lemurs to newly renovated exhibit Friday, May 7 2021 

The three lemurs Hermes, Hawthorne and Cedar join Ivan and Faust, who have been at the Louisville Zoo since 1994.


Why Shiba Inus Are Great Dogs For Families Thursday, May 6 2021 

By Jacob Maslow–Branded Content

Ever since the “Doge MEME” hit the went internet viral in 2010, everyone wants a doge of their own. These adorable dogs have hit the world by storm. They are so cute, and when you see them, you want to give them a smush and call them the best boy or girl. :)

More About The Shiba Inus Breed

Shiba Inus were initially bred in Japan. They were bred to assist hunters in the mountains of Japan. That is why they are of a smaller size and very agile. The average life span of this breed is 12 to 15 years. A full-grown Shina Inus may weigh up to 24 lbs. 

The most common coloring of a Shiba Inus is red sesame. However, they can also have Black & Tan, Black Sesame, Cream, Red, or Sesame coloring. They are born with floppy ears that will start to stand straight up as they age. They have a short double coat so that they will shed twice a year heavily.

What Make the Shiba Inus The Best Boy or Girl

Shiba Inus are brilliant and can learn to understand you; when they are very young, they start to associate a particular word with feeding, walking, going to bed, and any other thing they will often do. They will begin to associate that word with that activity. It will become so bad you will have to spell out the word if you do not want to do the associated activity.

The Shiba Inus is a very loyal, faithful, confident, and fearless pup. They will charm you and every other person they meet.  This breed can be stubborn. This means you will need to be patient and start training the day you get your pup home. Be strict but never punish your pup physically. 

Shiba Inus are very intelligent and curious. This makes them a great family dog because they will always be excited about new family adventures and want to play all the time. They need plenty of enrichment toys to keep their brains busy. They will love toys that challenge them.

The Perfect Dog for Summer

Shiba Inus loves activity; they are very agile dogs. If you have a very active lifestyle, this is an excellent dog for you. This doge was made for hiking and camping and will love going everywhere you go. They will need regular exercise to release their energy, and taking them along on a family hike is a perfect way to tire them out. 

If you introduce this breed to water early, they will learn to love swimming, and you can take them to play with your family all year round. This breed is very playful and will be the perfect addition to all your family’s summer adventures this summer. Make sure to pack plenty of water for your doge and the rest of your family when you take these summer outings. 

It’s Time to Bring Home Your Very Own Doge

Now that you know how perfect the Shiba Inus breed is, add one to your family. Remember to start training from day one and make sure they have a crate to spend time in when no one can supervise them. Be patient while training them because they are known to be stubborn.

If you are patient and you and your family build a bond with your Shiba Inus pup, they will be the best dog you have ever known. They are intelligent, loyal, and curious dogs that make a perfect addition to any family. Start the search for your doge today, and you will be on a hike with them in no time.

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Maslow // Cosmic Press

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All adoption appointments filled for KHS Empty the Shelters event Monday, May 3 2021 

Adoption fees for dogs and cats one year and older will be reduced May 5-8. The shelter said all of the available appointments have already been filled.


‘There’s no words…no words’: Dozens of dogs killed in Kentucky kennel fire Monday, Apr 26 2021 

Owner of Doggy Style Kennels Ron Kraemer said 27 dogs and 27 puppies died in the fire.


Unable to walk, Boone the Raccoon gets his wheels Friday, Apr 23 2021 

The adorable raccoon suffers from a brain disease which impairs his ability to walk. Caretakers say Boone does not live in pain and loves to dance to music.


Kentucky Humane Society workers rescue day-old kittens hidden in wall Wednesday, Apr 14 2021 

KHS facilities director Jeff, the owner of Ethan, was called to help spot a kitten wedged into a wall near the fireplace.


Puppy abandoned outside New Albany apartment fighting for herself and her sister Saturday, Apr 10 2021 

Glory and Tilly were brought to Southern Indiana Animal Rescue. Unfortunately, Tilly was too sick and did not make it.


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