‘The storm came up, poof’: Storms cause damage across Kentuckiana Wednesday, Jun 22 2022 

Just like the storm moved from New Albany across the river to Louisville's Shawnee neighborhood, so did the helping hands.


‘Happy to be back’: Racing resumes at Churchill Downs following heat-related cancellations Friday, Jun 17 2022 

Trainer Mike Tomlinson said horses and jockeys got used to slightly cooler temperatures late last week, making the quick spike that much harder to get acclimated to.


‘Helps to better manage energy bills’: LG&E suggests ways to save on energy bill amid extreme heat Tuesday, Jun 14 2022 

Here's what experts say when it comes to properly using your air conditioner during the heat.


How to beat dehydration and stay healthy in the heat Tuesday, Jun 14 2022 

A simple way to tell if you are dehydrated is by the color of your urine. The darker it is, the more dehydrated you are.


Kentuckiana braces for extreme heat, Operation White Flag goes into effect in Louisville Monday, Jun 13 2022 

City leaders, outreach groups are offering ways for people to stay safe and hydrated as temperatures rise, especially those who have limited options to stay inside.


When to watch the potential Tua Herculid meteor shower Friday, May 27 2022 

Monday night into Tuesday morning, a possible meteor shower could grace our skies. If so, the viewing conditions will be perfect with clear skies and a new moon.


National Weather Service to survey storm damage in Marion County Thursday, May 19 2022 

To visualize what a macroburst is, think of the way water comes out of a faucet and hits the bottom of a sink.


‘Have a plan’: Path of Louisville tornado determined, more severe weather expected Thursday, Apr 28 2022 

NWS Louisville said it touched down on Beulah Church Road, then hit the Glenmary subdivision and finally stopped at Echo Trail Road.


‘Fire Rainbow’ spotted in Kentucky skies Friday, Apr 22 2022 

This isn't a real rainbow you're seeing in the sky. It's actually something you don't see every day, caused by a specific cloud type and other special circumstances.


‘We just had faith’ | Shelby County family grateful for safety after tornado hits neighborhood Friday, Apr 15 2022 

Neighbors in that community said it was some of the worst damage they had ever seen in person, mostly to barns and sheds.


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