Metro Snow Team activated to treat Louisville roadways Monday, Jan 17 2022 

Officials said the team has been working since 5 p.m. to ensure roadways are maintained for safe driving conditions overnight into Monday morning.


‘Stay off the roads’ | KYTC crews to treat roads, bridges for snow and ice Sunday, Jan 16 2022 

As with any winter weather event, snow and ice buildup on roadways is of concern for officials.


Snow, sleet and freezing rain: What’s the difference? Sunday, Jan 16 2022 

It all depends on the temperature of the column of air the precipitation is falling through.


Space heater safety | Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when using a portable heater at home Saturday, Jan 15 2022 

The U.S. Department of Energy said small space heaters cause an estimated 25,000 residential fires every year.


Turn your home into a ‘warming station’ during a winter power outage Saturday, Jan 15 2022 

Find out how to turn your home into a "warming station" during a winter power outage.


Why is black ice so dangerous? Friday, Jan 14 2022 

Everybody talks about 'black ice' whenever snow, or rain and freezing temperatures happens, but what is it exactly?


Heavy snow will likely miss the majority of Kentuckiana Friday, Jan 14 2022 

A tricky winter storm system will likely dump snow in southern and eastern Kentucky, but Louisville and Indiana will likely not see much accumulation.


Hardin County short on employees, equipment ahead of weekend’s winter weather Friday, Jan 14 2022 

The county is planning to use volunteers, as well as jail employees and inmates, to help clear the roadways during this weekend's winter weather.


77 killed, 160+ miles of terror and destruction | It’s been one month since the deadly western Kentucky tornadoes Monday, Jan 10 2022 

It's been one month since devastating tornadoes ravaged western Kentucky communities, killing 77. The storm spared nothing in its path.


Avoid nonessential travel: Beshear warns of more ‘black ice’ Sunday, Jan 9 2022 

The result will be flash freezing and the onset of ‘black ice’ that will make driving difficult," Gov. Beshear said.


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