GPSA offers several additional services, including FAQs at NTCER. It contains an exhaustive list of potential problems associated with the application of the NTCER and is a must for all practitioners and practitioners. GPSA also provides telephone support with the NTCER and a brief free consultation with a work lawyer. These services can be found on the GPSA website. 1. NTCER is an agreement between our firms and registrars The NTCER is an agreement that is concluded every two years through negotiations between GPSA (General Practice Supervisors Australia) and GPRA (General Practice Registrars Association). It is a declaration of goodwill and not a recorded distinction, but it is enforceable. Like all RTOs, GPTQ has signed an agreement with the Australian government, which states that our monitoring practices will employ registrars in accordance with the NTCER. In return, all firms have signed an agreement with GPTQ confirming that they will comply with the terms of the NTCER. Our practices are linked by the terms and conditions of the NTCER. The general conditions for the employment of registrars (NTCER) were created to create fair salaries for registrars. It is reviewed every two years and the last agreement came into force on 21 September 2016. Make sure you understand your duties and rights in accordance with the current NTCER.

The current NTCER-based employment contract for the current training year is available for download. It is not always easy to obtain this right, so GP Supervisors Australia are proud to support our members with a copy of our employment contract model, which was designed to comply with the National Employment Agreements for Registrars (NTCER) 2017/18, approved October 2016. If you want a copy of the model, simply complete the registration survey here. The presentation of the employment contract contains the standard contractual agreements under the Fair Work Act and the addendum “National Terms for the Employment of Clerks” (NTCER) of July 2020. Registrars should read, agree and sign an employment contract in due course before work begins. GPSA provides a free standard employment contract on its website, which is available to all superiors and chiefs of staff. (Supervisors and chiefs of staff are entitled to free GPSA membership.) What does this mean for the negotiation of employment contracts in 2019? The NTCER protects both workers and employers from workplace offences and ensures that both parties are on the same side. The conditions of employment of registrars (NTCER) are an agreement that defines the minimum conditions of employment for all GP registrars. Accreditation standards for all training practices require that the conditions in the registration contracts be below the NTCER minimum. The GPRA recommended that Registrars accept a job offer in a training practice by 2019, but only sign an employment contract after EnTCER 2019/20 and be included in a contract model. If this is not possible, both parties must ensure that there is a clause in the employment contract stipulating that the contract remains in compliance with NTCER 2019/20.