Therefore, since most of the sites or project offices of PEZA-registered companies have distribution activities, it is necessary to ensure a separate branch registration for each project site or office, even if their main offices are registered in the same BIR district office. Those heavily affected by the inspections were project sites or facilities offices registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), whose registration and accounting were carried out either by: (1) consolidating with their head office; or (2) by another project site located in the same area as the site to be examined and, therefore, subject to the jurisdiction of the same DISTRICT office of the BIR. The implementation of the above operations is not automatic and prior registration is required. A new entity could submit an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or after SEC approval during the creation phase. A number of documentation requirements apply to a particular type of activity to be recorded. This may include SEC corporate documents, business plan, etc. PEZA locators must be located in a specific ecological zone to qualify. To this end, an ecological zone is a building accredited by PEZA or as a computer building. With the introduction of this new system, applications can now be filed electronically with PEZA. Application forms completed with the necessary attachments (including proof of payment of the registration fee) can be scanned and emailed to Eco Developerzones and for Ecozone Developers The following PEZA applications can be submitted via this new system: likewise, companies operating within ECOZONE must submit a registration requirement for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) or project description (PD) or pre-accession or pre-accession. The terms and conditions of an ECC. The ECC`s conditions are based on the allocation of the landfill and other ceilings imposed on the ECOZONE in which it is located. What is recorded is the particular activity in which the company will intervene.

When a business is more than commercial, registering an activity does not necessarily involve registering all activities. This would mean that a registered company cannot be a qualified tax or other incentives for unregistered activities. To avoid complications, one approach is to take charge of a business for each activity. one. Failure to maintain registration/authorization/franchise qualifications as required. SECTION 4. Identification of persons – All ECOZONES employees, workers are subject to the registration and authorisation procedures of the PEZA. They must carry the required ECOZONE ID/passports at all times within the ECOZONE, unless PEZA can provide for it. The PEZA reserves the right to obstruct or seriously interfere with access to an ECOZONE for reasons of security, violation of these rules and/or/or where the person who wished to be excluded is the subject of an orderly, peaceful and legitimate action by PEZA or ECOZONE.