The “Before Mobility” Apprenticeship Contract lists your (provisional) selection of programs at the partner university (Table A) and the recognition and transfer of these courses to paderborn University (Table B). The document must be completed and signed by all parties involved before your exchange begins and is then uploaded to Mobility Online. We advise you to follow the following steps: Please use our list of courses in the e-conference list to establish your interim learning agreement. Discuss your choice of courses with the international advisor at your home university. The list of courses at Bauhaus University in Weimar for the coming semester appears only a few weeks before the start of the semester. The provisional apprenticeship agreement may be amended upon arrival after discussions with the technical coordinator. If you have questions about the apprenticeship contract and receive the necessary signatures, please contact the International Advisor of the Faculty of Bauhaus University in Weimar. Component Code – component title course code – commitment course title. For the provisional apprenticeship agreement, the signatures of (1) student and (2) TLU Erasmus Departmental Coordinator (and, in the case of some TU schools, including the curriculum administrator) must be collected. After a successful application, the signature of (3) officials at the host university is also required. If duly signed, the apprenticeship agreement should also be e-mailed ( to the TU`s international studies specialist.

Page 2 During the A2 and B2 mobility tables. To be completed if you need to change your initial apprenticeship agreement. Complete Table A2 (with updated courses at the host university) if, at the end of your studies, you plan to transfer these programs abroad as part of your TU curriculum as an optional subject. Complete both the A2 and B2 tables (with updated courses at the host university and their TLU equivalents) if you wish, at the end of your exchange studies, to transfer courses abroad to replace specific subjects. Or fill out both tables in case you want to reintroduce courses abroad into your curriculum of both complusory/specialization and free selection. Signatures must be collected by the (1) student, (2) TLU Department of Erasmus Departmental Coordinator (and, in the case of some TLU schools, including the curriculum administrator), (3) in charge of the host university. If duly signed, the apprenticeship agreement should also be e-mailed ( to the international studies specialist TLU.