As you can see, there are many ways to rent your property to travel nurses. None of them are 100% infallible. In other words, any option could bring in potential tenants who aren`t really travel nurses. That`s right! Laundromats are not fun and nurses feel the same way. In addition, they should rest for their next diaper and not sit down to dry their belongings. According to Furnished Finder, the leader in travel nurses, about 30% of travel nurses choose to bring a pet. The decision to rent to people with pets is entirely up to you, but can affect the number of results you receive on your rental offer, so this is something you should keep in mind. Once your rental is up and running, these platforms make it easy to sell and manage your monthly furnished rental to travel nurses and other traveling professionals. Furnished Discoverers – This platform is great for finding travel nurses, but be careful to read the contract twice and have crystal clear messages – it seems like they`re calculating you based on leads, not on bookings. I think your challenge is a mix of both. Perhaps you should adopt softer language and avoid the vocabulary of apartment rent, but not give up the substantive examination and deposit.

Medium-term rentals should be more flexible than the traditional LTR, but it is normal to have an agreement and a deposit. I even have it for a tenant vrbo 2 nights and it was no reason to lose a client, the guy I want to see in my accommodation. Timing is also important, as travel nurses occupy hospitals that have an immediate need for nurses, so you expect contracts to move quickly. If you need several days to respond to applicants, they may have already secured another property. With a KeyCheck background control, you can make quick decisions and avoid having an empty property that doesn`t make money or loses ideal tenants to other landlords while checking out your next tenant. The most common option for travel nurses is to allow your agency to find accommodation. Most agencies have an in-house housing service that finds a place for a short-term lease (often they have long rental agreements in which they bring in and exterminate travelers). The agency also rents your furniture package, pays for your incidentals, and can even provide you with household items like bedding and dishes (normally for an additional fee). I`ve also heard of some agencies that pay for cable and internet, although this is not common. First, the base rental price should be in line with normal market values for rent in the region. In particular, travel nurses generally avoid accommodations that require high-end prices for short stays.

Note: I guess since you`re reading this, you already know a lot about travel nurses and why they are big tenants. If not, please read our article “Who are travel nurses and why do owners love them?”. It seems strange that people don`t provide this information. We have people who provide an image of their badge or order letter, fill out a background review app and make an a count. They pay the full amount upon arrival. If someone is not willing to do it, we frankly do not want them as a tenant. But we`ve never had a problem, as itinerant nurses are some of our favorite tenants. Do you want to know which are the best cities for travel nurses? This is where travel nurses go. Now, view all cities for travel nurses. The Furnished Discoverer, the main residential complex for itinerant nurses and other itinerant professionals, makes it easy for tenants to find your property.

From there, landlords can communicate directly with the tenant and book without paying commissions. At this point in the process, the time has come to clarify the details, get to know the candidate a little bit, and move forward with the screening process. @Michael Ablan, it looks like you`re renting per room and not the whole place, so the bail part is controversial. Maybe $100 per person for every new person who shows up. You can also streamline the agreement, usage areas layouts for each person, etc. .