Kentucky has the highest rate of child abuse victims. You can change that Friday, Apr 19 2019 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Kosair Charities Face It Movement recognizes it will take all Kentuckians working together to end abuse


Kentucky must make expungement easier. Our economy depends on it Friday, Apr 19 2019 

GLI was the first business organization in Kentucky to back Class D felony expungement. Now it's time for our state to take the next steps


Go to the Senior Health Fair at Southwest Community Ministries April 19 Friday, Apr 19 2019 

Becoming a senior citizen is truly a rite of passage. Once you reach this age, you're supposed to have the chance to enjoy life. It's a time when the kids are grown and gone, all the career pressures have subsided and now, you finally get to do all the things you've always wanted to. That's why senior health is so important, and it's the focus of the Community Senior Health Fair this April. Health Fair Celebrate senior health at the Community Senior Health Fair. Everyone is welcome to attend this free event, and even non-seniors are welcome. Senior health is something that everyone should learn a little more about. Bring friends, neighbors and family along with you, because the more the merrier. And after all, this is a fair, so it's definitely going to be fun. Community Senior Health Fair Learn more about senior health at this event, speak with health professionals and listen to a musical guest while you're here. You can also get tickets for various raffles offering plenty of great prizes, eat some ice cream and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The Senior Health Fair is at 8504 Terry Road from 10 am to 2 pm. That’s in Pleasure Ridge Park, a neighborhood that believes in community. Come See PRP Brand-new homes are being built in PRP right now, because for decades this has been a popular neighborhood where lots of people want to live. Pleasure Ridge Park is full of schools, parks and places to go. Mostly, this community is full of lovely homes in all shapes and sizes. There are pretty, charming homes here that date to the 1950s, all the way up to homes built this year. The multi-bedroom homes in PRP sit on big lawns, and many are inside subdivisions that create different sections and mini-neighborhoods all throughout Pleasure Ridge Park. You can find homes here with all the features you want, from basements to attached garages to big outdoor decks to everything you’ve dreamed of in a home. The rest of the neighborhood has everything you want, too, including restaurants, a post office and places to shop. See PRP this April, and you’ll see lots of houses that check all the boxes on your real estate list. About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Kentucky's already soaring pensions costs will rise as life expectancy projections grow Friday, Apr 19 2019 

The soaring pension costs to state and local governments — and quasi-governmental entities — will grow higher again next year.


Convicted Kentucky murderer gets 20 years for Georgia bank robbery Friday, Apr 19 2019 

James Gilbert Crick had been on lifetime parole for a 1973 murder in Christian County, Kentucky, when he robbed a bank in Dalton, Georgia in 2017.


LAX travelers again warned of measles and urged to get vaccinated, after third case hits airport Friday, Apr 19 2019 

Travelers who were at the airport April 3 could be at risk for developing measles, which can be present up to 21 days after exposure.


'The ultimate gift': Overdose victim's kidney changes Louisville father's life Friday, Apr 19 2019 

A Louisville man gains vigor and strength after getting a kidney from an overdose victim. Such "increased risk" organs are saving more people.


Overdose victims 'living on and helping other people' through organ donations Friday, Apr 19 2019 

Increasingly, organs from those who have struggled with addiction are saving lives in Kentucky and across the nation


Transplant recipient Will Powell accepts kidney from high-risk donor Friday, Apr 19 2019 

Transplant recipient Will Powell accepted kidney from a woman who died of a drug overdose.


Mother thankful for 'part of my daughter living on' through organ donation Friday, Apr 19 2019 

Veronica Jecker, 22, was an organ donor to three people after she died from a drug overdose.


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