Ceremony honors fallen officer 13 years later Friday, Mar 23 2018 

Officer Peter Grignon is honored.


Law limiting food truck operations in Louisville repealed Friday, Mar 23 2018 

A victory for Louisville food trucks.


Neighbors file suit to prevent V.A. from building a new hospital Friday, Mar 23 2018 

Neighbors said the hospital will make already congested traffic worse.


NoDa Brewing Company to release Girl Scout Cookies-inspired beers Friday, Mar 23 2018 

What better way to welcome the first weekend of spring than with a Girl Scout cookie-themed beer from NoDa Brewing Company?


Xavier head coach Chris Mack suspected to replace Pitino Friday, Mar 23 2018 

Rumors are flying about Xavier head coach Chris Mack possibly taking over the UofL basketball team.


25 people arrested on multiple charges, including illegally possessing guns, drugs and murder Friday, Mar 23 2018 

A major announcement from the U.S. Attorneys Office.


Egg hunt at the Louisville Zoo rescheduled for March 31 Friday, Mar 23 2018 

Annual egg hunt at the Louisville Zoo has been rescheduled due to weather.


Ban on certain type of abortions one step closer to becoming law in Kentucky Friday, Mar 23 2018 

The measure would make it illegal in Kentucky to perform an abortion procedure known as dilation and evacuation after roughly 11 weeks.




Eat at the Awesome Possum Pizza Party at the Second Chances Wildlife Center March 24 Friday, Mar 23 2018 

If you like pizza, or if you like possums, you’ll like the Awesome Possum Pizza Party at the Second Chances Wildlife Center. And if you happen to like both pizza and possums, this is the event you’ve been waiting for all year! Possum Pizza Party Don’t worry, there will no possums consumed during this event. You will, however, get to meet some possums, which are truly incredible animals. The Awesome Possum Pizza Party is sponsored by Second Chances Wildlife Center, a group that’s in the business of saving and helping animals, not cooking them in pizzas. Some of the possums they’ve rescued will be at the event, in proper cages of course, and all the pizza is provided by delicious DiOrios. Possum isn’t part of their menu. They offer more traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni and sausage. Awesome Possum Pizza Party at the Second Chances Wildlife Center While you eat, you’ll learn a little more about the majestic possum, animals that are indigenous to the Americas. Possums have a flexible diet and an amazing ability to adapt, and they're actually really cute. They're also famous for being actors. It's true that possums know how to play dead, and they do it really well. Go eat pizza at noon this March, and you’ll be helping to support Second Chances. It’s all happening in Mt. Washington at 487 Gentry Lane. It only costs $5 per person at the door. It’s just that easy to do a good deed, enjoy some pizza and go see a great neighborhood. Meet Mt. Washington Historic Mt. Washington sprang up in the early 1800s on a spot where two stagecoach routes met. Decades later, a Civil War skirmish raged through the town. Today, the beautiful Mt. Washington Middle School sits on the land where once a four-room classroom building stood. Today, Mt. Washington has a lot of schools, and people still come to this picturesque neighborhood to live out their dreams. It's impossible not to dream when you see Mt. Washington. This small city is full of large and luxurious homes surrounded by space and wide-open skies, homes shaded with mature trees and detailed with beautiful landscaping. Sweeping driveways, modern architecture, high-end features, fireplaces, the houses here are truly stunning. If you find yourself stopping and staring in admiration at the homes in Mt. Washington, you certainly wouldn't be the first or the last to do it. Everyone has that reaction to the big family homes here, beautiful places with impressive views, rolling lawns and all the things that families want.

And sure, there are possums and pizza here, too. Who wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood with so much to offer? About the Author:  Joe Hayden is the Team Owner and Manager of the Joe Hayden Real Estate Team - !

Manual High students ready to cover March for our Lives rally in D.C. Friday, Mar 23 2018 

The local high school journalists are covering the March for our Lives rally in the nation's capital and they have national news crews embedded with them covering their experience.


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