Family of murdered infant says it’s getting death threats; extra police outside home Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 


Hikers, Bikers and boaters unite for a healthy Labor Day event. Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 


Drivers preparing for I-65 lane restrictions on Tuesday Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 


Pugs invading Louisville for National Speciality Dog Show Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 


Labor Day Parade & Festival held in Clarksville Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 


Kraft recalling thousands of cases of cheese Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 


Dimitri and Jolanda Kesari – two must-know actors in the outcome of Kentucky’s senate race Monday, Sep 1 2014
Hyllus, Dimitri Kesari's company, was paid by the McConnell campaign over $60,000 in 2013 to do unspecified work.

Kesari was Ron Paul's deputy national campaign director for 2012, and has been identified as the "bagman" who delivered bribes to former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson. The purpose of those bribes, according to Sorenson, was for him to endorse presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul.

Kesari's wife, Jolanda, owns Designer Goldsmith's in Leesburg, Virginia, from which checks surfaced in the bribery scandal. So if you want to know if the Kesari's bribed anyone in Kentucky's US Senate race to endorse McConnell, you better bet these are two people who would know.

Be happy you didn't apply for this job. (Facebook)
Jolanda Kesari has a twitter, although I don't see any tweets, she does have seven followers. Since there were only seven, I sent them all tweets seeing if they had anything to add.

Dimitri Kesari, interestingly, also serves on the Hamilton, VA town council, but he missed June's council meeting. I've reached out them to ask why?

At least one Hamilton, VA resident isn't very happy about him being on the council, and has a problem with his driving record as well:

I start back to school tomorrow so doubt if I'll be following-up much on this story as it develops. The two blogs I recommend you check back with are HillbillyReport and BarefootandProgressive.

And for Sorenson-bribery scandal related only: This guy's a conservative really, really wrong on immigration, but he called the Sorenson scandal so long ago it's not funny.

Fans excited about U of L’s first game in the ACC Monday, Sep 1 2014 


2nd Louisville man charged with murder; Police not commenting on arrest Monday, Sep 1 2014 


Man charged with murder for PRP homicide Monday, Sep 1 2014 


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