One neighbor of Rep. Dan Johnson says 'he'll be missed' Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Keith Laferty lives in same neighborhood as the Dan Johnson family.


Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson's family is getting police protection following his suicide Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Rep. Dan Johnson's family requested security at their Mount Washington home after he killed himself Wednesday


Dan Johnson's House seat will remain vacant until a special election can be held Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Dan Johnson's House seat will remain vacant until a special election. Here's the process for electing his replacement.


Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson kills himself after denying sexual assault allegation Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson killed himself Dec. 13, a day after saying he would not step down over a sexual assault allegation made by a member of his church.


Rep. Dan Johnson's wife, Rebecca, wants to run for his Kentucky House seat Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

The wife of Dan Johnson, the Republican lawmaker who killed himself, says she will seek to replace him in the state legislature


‘CityScoot is back, and we’re better than ever,’ says founder Mark Roberts Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

CityScoot was founded in 2004 by a young entrepreneur who came up with a brilliant idea to help get Louisvillians who had too much to drink home safely — along with their cars. Mark Roberts and his partners led a staff of seven who would go out each night on black-and-yellow-colored Italian scooters to meet […]

Forced from his downtown camp, homeless man loses another leg after winding up in the hospital Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Byron "Roc" Peeler was promised a place to stay as Louisville officials forced him from a homeless camp. But once he was indoors, health issues arose.


Calls for Dan Johnson to quit turn to expressions of sympathy after lawmaker's suicide Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Officials express condolences over apparent suicide of lawmaker many had called on to step down over allegations of sex abuse


Watch: Bullitt County sheriff discusses Rep. Dan Johnson's death Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

The Bullitt County sheriff will be discussing the death of Rep. Dan Johnson. Watch live.


Kentucky's top agriculture official: DEA wrong to call hemp products illegal Thursday, Dec 14 2017 

Kentucky official "dumbfounded" by DEA view that hemp products - now on shelves at groceries and nutrition stores - are illegal.


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